Guide to Self Check-in

At SuperStay Hotel, we offer a convenient self check-in process to enhance your stay. Follow the steps below to easily check in and access your room.

Step 1: Enter Your Key Code

Upon confirming your reservation, you will receive an email containing a unique key code. Locate the key code input panel near the entrance door and enter your code for access.

Step 2: Retrieve Your Room Key Card

After entering your key code, proceed to our self-service kiosk located in the lobby. Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your room key card.

Step 3: Access Your Room

Once you have your room key card, simply tap or insert the card into the designated card reader on your room door to unlock it.

Additional Information

Please note that your key code is unique to your reservation and should be kept confidential.

If you encounter any issues during the self check-in process or have any questions, our friendly staff is available at the front desk to assist you or call +47 23 24 43 86.